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IHS Training provides exceptional seminars and educational programs for International Travelers, Managers and Airline Flight Crews.   

Whether it's educating personnel who travel overseas, managers who must properly handle a crisis situation, security training for airline FAA Part 121 and 135 flight crews or a full-on survival training course, IHS Training provides the best educational courses in the industry.

IHS Training LLC

 We provide the skills you need to complete your mission

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We've been training corporate executives and business travelers since the mid-1990's.   Since 2009 IHS Training has been the leading specialist in travel safety and security training for overseas church mission trips and missionary organizations.

We consistently exceed the expectations of our customers. 

Our instructors have decades of real world experience.  Formerly certified by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, with 25+ years in training Law Enforcement, Military, Corporate, Churches and Missionary Organizations,  IHS' national award-winning instructors are simply the best you will find anywhere. 

Our programs are based upon real life statistics.  We study the issues that have been repeatedly encountered both domestically and abroad and use our extensive expertise to teach you how to identify these issues, avoid the problems and teach you how to take a proactive approach to safety and security.

We provide you with the knowledge you need to complete your mission.