Our seminars are presented in a very positive, yet informative manner.  They are intended to educated but not instill fear for travelling abroad.  Our students find that they are actually much less afraid of foreign travel once they've been educated on what to look for, what to plan for and how to stay out of trouble.

Travel Safety and Security for Church Mission Trips and Missionary Organizations

IHS Training Seminars are based upon real life statistics.  We've taken the issues that have repeatedly gotten travelers into trouble over the past decade and we built our training courses to specifically address those issues.  If they've happened repeatedly in the past, they'll happen again in the future.

Emergency Response International: "The largest collection of specific safety and security information ever presented from a single concise source." Skip Stoffel

Business Travel Safety for corporate Executives and Employees

Travel Safety and Security Seminars

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IHS Training provides two different types of travel safety and security seminars.  One is designed towards meeting the needs of business travelers and personal vacations abroad.  The other is specifically built for church mission teams and missionary organizations that includes a biblical perspective on your personal safety and security.  Both courses will prepare the traveler for specific issues they may encounter both domestically and overseas.

Outdoor Safe Inc.: "If you adopt and practice the advice he gives, you will be far less likely to have a problem when next you travel.  Should something unpleasant happen, you'll be better equipped to handle it." Peter Kummerfeldt

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