IHS' ACTIVE SHOOTER training is a course where our instructors come to your facility to teach your personnel.  The cost for this training is $3,900, which includes everything: the speaking fee, all of the instructors travel expenses and all training materials.  Course length runs approximately 4 hours depending on how in depth the students wish to delve into the table top exercises and/or a facility walk-through or practical exercise is conducted.  If this course is being scheduled for a Church, Missionary or non-profit Organizations, please contact IHS Training to discuss pricing.  We do offer a discount for these clients.

No matter how much training, preparation or precautions an organization takes, some things are simply beyond their control.  Troubled employees, domestic problems or any number of seemingly unrelated issues can cause an unstable person to walk into a facility with a gun.  Your personnel MUST know what to do during an active shooter event and managers must know how to properly manage the aftermath.


  • Common Myths and Misconceptions
  • Active Shooter Research and Statistics
  • Legal Responsibility and Liability
  • Situational Awareness
  • Identifying Suspicious Activity
  • Response to an Active Shooter Event
  • First Responder Issues
  • Use of Force
  • Company policies
  • Dealing with the Media
  • Managing the Aftermath
  • Table Top Exercise #1 – Active Shooter Scenario

This course is designed specifically for management, staff and work force personnel.  This training is an excellent compliment to our Crisis Management and Disaster Planning course which is designed to train managers and supervisors how to handle the aftermath of an event like this (and many other crisis events.) 



This course is designed to teach management, administrative personnel and general employees the proper actions to take during an active shooter event.  Management also receives extensive training on the process involved after an active shooter incident occurs. 

This is a half day course of instruction consisting of lecture and student participation in table top exercises conducted in a classroom setting.  Clients may elect to include a walk-through of the facility and / or a practical exercise to be included in the syllabus.

Active Shooter in the Workplace or Church is a half-day training seminar that educates your personnel on what to do during an active shooter event.  It includes a lot more than

Run, Hide, Fight!


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