The last thing you need is to have personnel sitting at home because they were hurt during crewmember security training, but that's exactly what happens far too often.  More law enforcement officers are injured during training than by suspects they are trying to arrest.  Even IHS' owner Brian Webb suffered a serious injury during a training exercise with the Federal Air Marshals.  You can't expect to teach a flight attendant how to become a self-defense expert in four hours of training; however, IHS Training can teach your personnel some good, easy-to-learn basic self-defense techniques that will work in the confines of an aircraft in that amount of time.  These are techniques that should not injure your personnel during training.

If your flight department is looking for a crewmember security training course that your personnel will walk out of saying, "That was worth attending," contact IHS Training to discuss your training needs.

Our instructors have the experience and the programs you need.

Required by federal law after the September 11th attacks under Title 49 USC 44918, IHS Training offers complete Initial and Recurrent training that meets and exceeds the FAR requirements.  Our crewmember security training courses include:

  • TRA's Regulatory Authority

  • TSA and SIDA Procedures

  • Threat Evaluation

  • Determination of the Seriousness of an Occurrence

  • Unruly Passengers

  • Other Acts of Unlawful Interference

  • Appropriate Self-Defense Responses

  • Use of Non-Lethal Protective Devices

  • Security of the Flight Deck

  • Law Enforcement Personnel

  • Situational Training Exercises

  • Crewmember Communications

  • Sabotage and Hijackings

  • Maneuvers to Defend an Aircraft

  • Conducting a Cabin Search

  • Least-Risk Bomb Locations

  • Understanding of Terrorist Behaviors

  • Terrorist and Passenger Behavior

  • Suspicious Activities Discussion

  • Basic Self-Defense

As a former flight attendant, airline pilot, federal agent who specialized in airborne counter terrorism and someone trained by the Federal Air Marshals, IHS Training's owner Brian Webb has a better understanding about all aspects of crewmember security training than anyone in the industry.  IHS Training can provide your employees with the crewmember security training that not only meets the FAR requirements of part 121 and 135, but provides your personnel with real-world information that could become invaluable. 

required by faa regulations part 121 and 135

Airline flight crewmember security training

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