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Our students come from a wide range of organizations

Here is a short list of Just a few

"Brian, I can think of no more valuable training than that which you gave me.  You have blessed our family and ministry beyond words.  This is a MUST for anyone working in short or long-term missions.  No agency should be without a Crisis Management Plan and the training that comes with it. God bless you!"  Chris Nevins, Fuel the Mission

"You presented an amazing amount of information and I really enjoyed every bit of it.  I really appreciate what you taught us.  I traveled back to Cambodia last fall and really took to heart and implemented a lot of your training.  That was my fourth trip to Cambodia and I was so much more 'aware' of what was happening around me at all times.  I really appreciate the training and I look forward to your return here in March."  Exploratory team leader, global X

"Brian Webb's class was thought provoking and informative.  It is so easy to take travel safety for granted, especially when you have lived only in the United States.  Brian didn't just tell us to be informed and alert, but taught us how to be informed and alert when traveling both internationally and domestically.  Very engaging."  Manager with Autocraft Inc.

"Awesome presentation!  I heard several people say yours was the best presentation ever at our management seminars."  "I took notes furiously and shared much of what you had to say with my wife.  The knowledge you impart is invaluable.  You will definitely hear from us again!"  Snelson Industries

"Thank you for coming and speaking to me and the others about safety.  I wish that everyone could hear that valuable information!  Just an hour ago I found out that three little children were beheaded yesterday due to Voodoo.  Please be praying for everyone's Protection!"  Missionary, Childhope International Orphanage, Port au Prince, Haiti, written just weeks before the earth quake hit.

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