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Unfortunately, many companies find themselves unprepared when things don't go as planned.  Our Crisis Management and Disaster Planning course, designed for corporate management, is an excellent complement to this seminar.  We'll teach you how to handle any crisis situation and avoid the same costly mistakes that just about every company makes repeatedly.  IHS offers a discounted rate of just $1,500 to add this course to our Travel Safety and Security Seminar when scheduled on subsequent days.

IHS' Travel Safety and Security Seminars generally run a half-day in order to accommodate most employees' busy schedules.  We come to your facility and conduct the training in person to your personnel.  The total cost for this Seminar is $3,900 which includes everything:  the speaking fee, all instructor travel expenses and up to 100 study guides and emergency plans.  (Additional study guides can be purchased for $5 each.)  We put no limit on the number of people trained.  Whether the seminar is just for your office or the combined efforts of a number of companies, the price is the same.  The more people we can educate the better!

Travel safety and security seminars include the following topics:


  • Airport and Airline Safety, Security and In-Flight Emergencies
  • Hotel Security
  • Local Travel Issues
  • Your Personal Safety and Security
  • Active Shooter Training and Response
  • Sexual Assault Prevention
  • Personal Affairs and Medical Issues
  • Foreign Travel Planning, Preparation and Emergency Plans
  • Understanding Terrorism
  • Hostage Survival Basics

Each year millions of Americans travel overseas on business.  According to the CDC, approximately one in one thousand will either be killed, kidnapped or seriously injured with thousands more that will become victims of less serious crimes.  IHS Training provides the best training in the industry to keep your employees safe and secure while traveling abroad.  Our training is based upon real life statistics on issues that have happened repeatedly to business travelers over the past decade and will happen again in the future.  We provide specific information on how to identify and avoid these issues.

travel safety and security seminars for

Corporate executives,   business travelers

and personal vacations

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