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This course is designed specifically for management and leadership personnel.  This training is an excellent compliment to our Travel Safety and Security seminar which is designed for the people you send overseas.  IHS offers a discounted rate of $1,500 for this seminar when scheduling both the Crisis Management and Travel Safety courses on subsequent days.

IHS' Crisis Management and Disaster Planning course cost $3,900, which includes everything: the speaking fee, all of the instructors travel expenses and all training materials.  This price also includes a Crisis Management Plan designed for your organization.  Course length runs approximately 6 hours depending on how in depth the students wish to delve into the table top exercises.  If this course is being scheduled for a Church, Missionary or non-profit Organizations, please contact IHS Training to discuss pricing.

No matter how much training, preparation or precautions an organization makes, some things are simply beyond your control.  People have medical emergencies, natural disasters happen and countries fall into chaos for a number of reasons.  If your organization sends personnel overseas, your Crisis Management Teams MUST know how to properly manage these events.

IHS Training instructors come to your office and provide a state-of-the-art crisis management and disaster planning course which will educate your personnel about the myths and misconceptions in crisis management and the truth which is based upon facts and statistics.  You will learn about the fatal errors that tend to repeat themselves by even the largest organizations.  We give you the tools needed to know exactly what your organization is prepared to handle, where it is lacking, where its efforts need to be directed and why, in order to prepare for the issues that are most likely to occur.  We will address issues such as:


Natural Disasters         Medical Emergencies         Missing Persons             Terrorist Attacks

Political Coup               Kidnappings                       Death or Suicide             Evacuations

Mental Health Issues   First Responder Issues      Command Centers          Active Shooter Response

Mission Support           Alcohol/Drug Overdose      Sexual Assaults              Imprisonment

IHS' Crisis Management and Disaster Planning course is a hands-on training class.  This course is approximately 50% lecture and the remainder involves specific table-top exercises designed to educate students on the proper procedures involved in managing crisis situations.  Each exercise builds upon the previous.  By the end of the course students walk away much better prepared to handle any situation that may arise.

Crisis Management means all sorts of different things to different industries.

Our crisis management and disaster planning course is specifically designed for companies, churches and missionary organizations that have offices here in the United States and send people overseas.

This course will teach you the proper methods and procedures to handle any major crisis situation, from a natural disaster at home to a kidnapping of your personnel in some foreign country.  We'll also teach you how to avoid the same costly mistakes that just about every organization makes repeatedly during a crisis situation. 

Crisis Management and Disaster Planning